Giving the perception line, direction, form, and colour
Exploring spaces Initiating interchange

Regina Maria Wieser





what is at stake

Aichach Art Association

Positions against exclusion, hatred, violence, in favour of diversity, openness and good communication within our society

Exhibition part 1 – 16. March to 7. April 2024
Exhibition opening: Saturday, 16 March at 4.00 pm

Participating artists – Part 1
Ursula Allgäuer, Maria Breuer, Gabriele Gruss-Sangl, Maria Kolbinger, Herbert Kretschmer, Anna Ottmann, Gabriele Petri, Christine Reiter, Armin Saub, Petra Annemarie Schleifenheimer, Robby Sintern, Hans Wiedemann, Regina Maria Wieser

Exhibition part 2 – 13 April to 28 April 2024
Exhibition opening: Saturday, 13 April at 4.00 pm

Exhibition venue:
Hinterm Turm 4,
86551 Aichach

Opening hours:
Saturday, Sunday, Easter Monday from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. and by appointment
Closed on Good Friday

Regina Maria Wieser | „Gehörverlust – können wir uns noch (zu-) hören?“

Cyanotypes Regina Maria Wieser- Gallery Cyprian Brenner – online


Loneliness – Perspectives Exhibition at the Augsburg District Office Art Space

Exhibition opening 30.11.23 6 pm

Bürgersaal Stadtbergen – Am Hopfengarten 12, 86391 Stadtbergen

with award ceremony

Exhibition of the exhibits in the Augsburg District Office

Prinzregentenplatz 4, 86150 Augsburg

Exhibit Regina Maria Wieser: Lebensabend


Regina Maria Wieser | Excerpt “Lebensabend”

Unartig – erfrischend anders

Regina Maria Wieser

Painting exhibits by Regina Maria Wieser

Münchner Str. 42, 83707 Bad Wiessee

Exhibition days until 21.12.23 9 am – 4 pm

Abb. powerful evening light I-II 60/60 Malerei


Impressions, press review and other news

Unartig – erfrischend anders

Regina Maria Wieser
sculptures and paintings

Sculpture and Painting Exhibits by Regina Maria Wieser

Münchner Str. 42, 83707 Bad Wiessee

vernissage and action days 01. – 02.09.23 9 am – 4 pm
finissage 30.09.23

Abb. I: couple / Paar I 9/10/8 Sockel: 8/12/8

Abb.II: Torso weib. 5/10/5 Sockel: 6/6/17

also workshops and exhibits by the creative makers




Register for workshops on Instagram unartigerfrischend

Review Exhibitions Spring 2023

Regina Maria Wieser

Press review of the exhibition
Landscapes of tissues – a lifelong connection
from 22.04. – 07.05.2023

Impressions of the art exhibition Form and Colour
in Bad Tölz from 01. – 03.06.2023

Form und Farbe Bad Tölz
Form und Farbe Bad Tölz
Form und Farbe Bad Tölz



I always understand my work as a quest, as a lively dialogue of seeing and feeling.
The creative process means for me entering into a vibrant silence of internal and external worlds.

After completing my education in design in Munich and Augsburg, I’ve been working in creative processes with various partners – people and institutions.

Regina Maria Wieser

independent artist
1990 – 2020Teaching activity
Various art projects with children and adolescents
Supervision of college students (design department)
Consultant for further education in art/design (a.o. Textilverband/ Casianeum
Donauwoerth / Akademie St.Ulrich)
1986 – 1990
Further artistic training
Study of teaching in design (Munich & Augsburg)
University of Augsburg (Department of Fine Arts)
Academy of Fine Arts Munich (“transform”)
Academy of Fine Arts St. Stefan Augsburg
BBK Berufsverband Bildender Künstler
Kunstverein Aichach
Künstlergilde Ulm

“The colour inhabits the space, while the
line passes through it and cuts through.
The line touches the infinite, the colour “IS”.
Through the colour, I feel the holistic
identification with the space, I am truly free.”

Yves Klein

Exhibitions (since 2013)

2024“what’s at stake” – Köglturm Aichach
2023Loneliness – Perspectives Kunstraum Landratsamt Augsburg
2023Painting and sculpture Unartig Bad Wiessee
2023Form and Colour EA
Bad Tölz Amortplatz
2023Tuchfühlung – Lebenslandschaften / Spielwechsel – Wechselspiel
Köglturm Aichach EA
Exhibition Künstlergilde Ulm
2022Gallery in the cathedral yard Ellwangen EA
Art award exhibition “vorwärts – rückwärts” Schwabmünchen
2021/2022/2023 Member exhibition San Depot Aichach
2020 Art award exhibition Ballonmuseum Gersthofen
„unartig“ (Bad Tölz) EA
Art award exhibition San Depot Aichach
2019 “The small format” (Kögelturm Aichach)
„Badezimmer“ Günzburg EA
2018 Sissi Castle Unterwittelsbach
2017 / 2018 “The small format” (Kögelturm Aichach)
The project group “Locomotion” (Prof. Hien, Academy of Fine Arts Munich)
2017 Galerie am Oberen Graben Augsburg „love and pain” EA
Guild award exhibition Ulm „I see myself, therefore I am.“
2016 Art Award Exhibition Ebersberg
Cult Krumbach
Graphik award exhibition Senden
Art award exhibition „ARTIG“ Kempten
Art award exhibition Schwabmünchen “Fluch-Flucht-Fluchtpunkt” (curse-escape-escape point)
Photo art award exhibition “Struktur” (Ulm Artists’ Guild)
“The small format” (Kögelturm Aichach)
2015 Art exhibition Friedberg
„Grey values“ (Schwabmünchen art association)
Great North Swabian Art Exhibition Donauwörth
„AKTuell“ (Art House Bad Wörishofen)
“The unbearable lightness” (Ulm Artists Guild)
Art award exhibition of the city of Aichach
Art exhibition „KERN“ (Fischach)
Guild prize artist guild Ulm prize exhibition EA
2014 „Cult“ Krumbach
Art award exhibition city Gersthofen
Art in the castle city Wertingen
“naked and bare” (Ulm Artists’ Guild)
Great North Swabian Art Exhibition Donauwörth
2013 „Cycling in Augsburg“


2014Guild award artist guild Ulm
2013“Cycling in Augsburg – Special Award” EA = Solo Exhibition